Sunday, November 17, 2013


Today we harvested our first homegrown romanesco head.

Plant spacing requirements were 2-feet apart but my innate desire to want more was dominate. As a result, less was what we received. I think this head would of been much larger if I gave it the correct space.

This year is the first time we have things still growing in the garden in November. This past Tuesday, I awoke to a light snow dusting, which covered the grass and made the low-growing cover crops seem peaceful and content.

The romanesco plants, pushing each other in ominous directions out of competitiveness, looked almost frozen with their jungle-like leaves capped in white, and the one romanesco head with it's frosty fractals.

After cutting the romanesco head, checking it for cabbage worms which have been the least damaging at the garden's farthest end, pulling out the plant, which weighed a ton on the way to the compost heap, we then also, pulled another romanesco plant out from the ground which was in between the two we decided to leave standing to observe well into the winter.

As for the purple peacock broccolis, the cabbage worms seem to have won. And I'm O.K. with that. My thought process goes like this: they're definitely bastards. And we have already begun a relationship. At this point I'd like to know what they are capable of. Next year, I'll have some back-up plans.

And I'll follow all plant-spacing requirements.

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