Thursday, May 23, 2013


The garden is a portal.

Existing between deluded views of reality, it is a crack where wisdom emerges, seeping into the bloodstream of caretakers drawn to the currents of harmonious vibrations.

The birds and the bees, fruitfully attracted to the sun rays in a variety as wide as American ethnicities, fill the un-owned air space like the Japanese on Pearl Harbor with no energy aimed at violence or greed.

Dandelions sprout from the soil's fertile depths. Not a single atom or cell experiences fear as it climbs toward the light that blinds all other desires, other than to grow and to flower. 

Fallen magnolia leaves comfort the Kentucky-blue grass seeds sprinkled on the leveled topsoil inside the fence of the newly landscaped pathway.

Welcome to Mad Love Organix.

Within the confinements of this limited area is first-hand experience with life, with death, with violent forces nature leashes out on earth, and with some of the most audible, om-like vibrations nature projects.

Like humans, the garden experiences cycles, continuous circles of life, death and birth.

Wrinkled fruit and vegetable skins, cut grass freshly bagged, decayed leaves who died to benefit the macrocosmic whole which is itself, all continue their existence helping nature in their next phase of being.

Compost is pushed to the side, kept out of sight of neighbors and guests like death in American culture.

Compost is life. It is necessary for the growth of future vegetables, like death is necessary for the advancement of future lives.

Like humans, the garden experiences dualities, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, friends and enemies. Creating a balance between opposites is nature’s intention.

The desire to eliminate, to produce more, to make things happen faster are human’s unbalanced desires being pushed out onto nature.

Humans can be violent.

The human body is capable of imitating nature, and nature too of reflecting humans.

High winds and damaging hail can burst out of the blue sky on a late August afternoon knocking down corn stalks, flowering fruits, and container-grown herbs.

July drought can come and stay, uninvited like a cancerous tumor.

Spider mites, aphids, and hungry bunnies destroy and conquer entire crops, moving onto the next with no guilt or karma collected.

Nature takes. And so do humans. But the garden only gives.

Fertile soil gives to the plants, the plants give fruit, the fruit gives nourishment to the human body, the human body gives nourishment to the garden and to the compost, and the compost gives life force back to the soil.

Then the sun. The key to existence of life.

The sun gives the experience of day and night, hot and cold, rain and drought, to both the garden and the caretaker. The sun gives. And expects nothing in return.

The sun and the moon are the balancing forces of all life forms on earth.

The garden naturally wakes up with the sun, along with human consciousness. Within the early morning sacred wisdom transfers itself through subtle vibrations produced by the sun, giving energy, direction, and purpose to all plants and life.

As the sun moves to the other side of earth, the moonlight carefully decodes all vibratory messages for the human caretaker who gave to the garden.

Vibrations become words and thoughts, words and thoughts become lessons of life, and lessons of life become moral foundations to build on, which all work in harmony and balance with the macrocosmic whole each human is.

The garden answers all questions the caretaker wonders, giving access to wisdom only available to those who seek to grow.




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